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Why 97% of Home Business Owners Fail in the First Year

why most of the home businesses fail in first year

It’s a sad truth!

Almost 97% of all home business owners fail within their first year of establishment. Why? Because most have not considered their home business as just that – a business.  Many have fallen for the “pie in the sky” get rich over night ads they see online.  They believe simply posting their company link in Facebook Groups is going to make them wealthy by the weekend.

Am I judging?  Absolutely not!

I believed the same thing when I began my online career.

I remember the day I received an email from “Chris”.  I clicked through and watched the company presentation.  I was excited!  I wanted to learn more!  I pulled out my credit card and signed right up!  But, Chris forgot to tell me the truth.  It was going to be an uphill struggle from the very beginning.  And, to make matters worse, once I became a member, I found myself alone.

I encountered depression. I faced frustration.

Many times I wanted to give up.

At desperation door I asked, “How is it so easy for others to make money online but it seemed I was stuck in an uphill battle for success?”  And, right before I threw in the towel I met a man who helped.

He quickly took me under his wing and mentored me.  He explained that just like “Success Leaves Clues,” so does failure.  He brought me to understand “WHY” 97% of Home Business Owners Fail”.  And, if I would learn from their mistakes, I would make it.

I was DETERMINED to succeed!

I wanted to live the “Laptop Lifestyle” of the 3% who succeeded.  So, I began my study of Why 97% of Home Business Owners Fail and only 3% succeeded!  Here is what I discovered.  The 3% who succeeded…

Set “Realistic” Goals

One reason why 97% of home business owners fail is they do not set “realistic” goals!  When asked during my coaching calls to new home business owners, “What is your goal for your home business?”, most respond, “I want to make $5000 a month!”

Although this “goal” is attainable, it’s not realistic for someone just starting out.

Sure.  You see the success stories of those in your company. THEY proclaim how THEY made thousands in their first week with the company.  But, REALISTICALLY they are full of BULL!   They become rich when you believe this and buy their training.

Ever been there?  I know I was once.

These people are not NEW to the home business industry.  They learned to cultivate a responsive email list over time.  And, when they joined your company, they email their list and a lot join them.

     Think about what you want to achieve.  Rather it is to make $5000 a month or an extra $500, then you will need to follow the next step! To succeed in your home business you must set realistic goals.

Put Together a Workable Business Strategy

If your goals are the “what”, then your business strategy is the “HOW.”  This is where most fail!  They have a desire but no plan to achieve it.

A business strategy is the means by which you sets out to achieve your desired goals (objectives).

I had a professional marketer who had already succeeded help guide me in setting up a daily plan of action.  I seen from his consistent action to his business strategy, he was successful.  I modeled him.  And, when adversity and overwhelm would knock on my door, I never gave them a second thought.


To achieve your goals, you MUST develop a plan.  Otherwise your ship has sailed but will be tossed to and fro by the storms you encounter.To achieve your online marketing goals, you MUST develop a plan.

You MUST Develop a Marketing Budget

Without a marketing budget you are swimming in the ocean without a life jacket. Claiming to have a home business without a marketing budget is like owning a car but no gas to go anywhere!

Your home business WILL NOT survive without one.  A marketing budget shows how serious you are about creating a career in your online business.

Don’t let business expenses keep you bogged down.  You can  create a marketing budget AND profit at the same time from the tools you use.