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Aidan Booth is an online entrepreneur who has made millions of dollars in the internet marketing business. His programs and tools are designed to help website publishers and marketers build successful online businesses. He has been helping people create and run profitable Internet marketing sites for over a decade.

When he was young, Aidan lived in New Zealand, near Masterton. He worked on a sheep and beef farm. After college, he moved to Argentina. There he worked as a delivery boy. In 2003, he decided to start an Internet business. At first, he was only making pocket change. But the income soon grew. With the help of his friend Steve Clayton, he was able to make a living online.

Aidan’s success started with affiliate websites, and eventually he developed tools to optimize websites and increase traffic. He is also known for his Amazon FBA tool, NetBlaze. It is a program that teaches how to make money with minimal startup capital.

Since then, Aidan has taught thousands of people how to build and run profitable websites. Over the years, he has released numerous courses. Generally, the courses are limited and closed for a short period of time. Some of these courses cost a lot of money. They may not be updated as often as they should be.

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