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CopyPro – The Best Copywriting Software?

CopyPro Copywriting software

Jon Benson the Copywriting Genius

Jon Benson

CopyPro ai software has been created by one of the best copywriters today Jon Benson, and it took over 3 years of development to build in everything that’s critical in order to create the best copy possible in matter of seconds.

But CopyPro is much more than convenient automation tool for lazy copywriters.

Because of its built-in AI algorithms it can provide the many various angles and ideas that the solid sales copy must contain.

Jon Benson has been a self made copywriter for over 2 decades and he’s been working with huge companies and names out there to deliver the right message to customers to increase click-through-rates and sales.

CopyPro Copywriting software


CopyPro is truly a remarkable if not the best copywriting software that will not just transform your copy into much better message, but you also benefit from learning the principles and psychology of copywriting.

The best copywriters from all around the world from different business industries have contributed with their skills to CopyPro software, so it’s like having an army of copywriters always having your back.

Heck, even Jon Benson said that CopyPro improves his conversions sometimes a lot, and he is like a god of copywriting. Simply because one person no matter how smart, isn’t perfect in everything they do all the time.