4 DIY projects you should check out today


Creating a safe and warm environment to return to every day after work is one of the most important tasks of the day. No matter how small your place is, it should totally reflect your personality, dreams, and aspirations. Your home should be a mirror of your soul and spirit and should make you a better person.

Thus, it is high time you ditched all the unnecessary items that crowded your house and started on a new journey with items that only give you pleasure and comfort. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a fortune – with the right tools and just a tint of imagination you can create the house of your dreams.

If you’re looking for the best DIY home products below you will find some great suggestions on how to improve the interior and exterior of your home without too much effort and without breaking your piggy bank.


A treehouse

If you live in a nice home with a generous backyard and already have or planning on having children in the near future, a treehouse could be a dream come true for generations. Such an establishment only requires the right amount of wood and some regular tools you can find anywhere.

Whether you’re building it for your kids or for your own comfort, a treehouse could become the right refuge within your property or a place to hide and dream when you don’t want to deal with your adult problems. There are plenty of online decorations and even maps that show you how to build and decorate a treehouse step by step.


A new bookshelf

One of the easiest DIY wood projects will only require some wood planks and a lot of creativity on your behalf. There are literally unlimited ideas on how to create a new bookshelf from just about anything in order to perfectly match with the rest of your living room or bedroom.

If you’re into marine accents, you can simply chop a small boat in two and paint the existing racks in different blue shades. This simple idea will easily become the center of your room and everyone will praise your creativity. Other creative ideas of bookshelves include honeycomb and Christmas tree styles. Make sure to check out the online tutorials for all of them.


Wooden pallets for the interior

Wooden pallets are a blessing because you can create comfortable and contemporary pieces of furniture with minimum effort. You can create sofas, beds, outdoor benches and tables for your garden furniture by simply placing some wooden pallets on top of each other and add comfortable cushions or fabrics.


Window shutter ideas

Who said that window shutters only belong to the exterior? You can place an old one in your hallways and turn it into a chic mail holder or decorate your balcony with old window shutters painted in pastel and blue nuances for your own Mediterranean corner.


3 organizing ideas for your workshop


I know how difficult it is to start organizing your workplace where you’ve stored years and years of unfinished projects and several other pieces that have no purpose in the real world except to occupy precious space.

If you’re a normal human being, you’ve probably managed to fill it with so many items that it looks messier day by day. The solution isn’t complicated but it takes time to understand that it’s not about adding a few shelves and boxes. It’s about measuring every single inch so that you can take full advantage because even the smallest workshop in the world can still provide tons of undiscovered benefits.

Be versatile and see things in every angle.

Now, this is a tough one because most individuals perceive the workshop as a room that can be filled with stuff in the horizontal. This principle is totally wrong because you can start by building higher, for instance. Many industrial spaces have pallet racks that you can get and adapt them to your own shelving system starting from the floor and up to the ceiling.

Don’t stop here! Once you’ve finished with the verticals, you have more dimension to fill up space with. Go deeper and place shelves behind another round of shelves. It might seem unbelievable but in fact, if you mount the front shelves on a few floor tracks you can make them slide, giving you plenty of access to the shelves from the back.

Even if your workplace is not that big, you can still put some shelves or drawers under every work surface that you’ve got. Especially when on sale, you can purchase many of these items for storage without spending a fortune. You can create a table if you combine two of them or even a rolling cart, using two-waist high cabinets.


Start by throwing something away.

People get very much attached to their belongings so it’s not an easy task trying to throw out their favorite things. Nevertheless, you need to understand that it’s a 3-step program that has done wonders for many individuals out there. You just organize, strip, toss, and repeat.

For example, pick some basic categories and each weekend or whenever you have some time to spare, go through one of them and put in order the pieces you need and get rid of that bunch of stuff that you will never ever use.

Use labels.

After getting rid of all the clutter and you’re shelves and drawers are finally in a perfect state, you can start labeling every single box. The good news is that there’s no need for you to do it the old-fashioned way, using a marker. Instead, you can get a pistol-shape gadget that embossed raised white letter on different colors of plastic tapes that can be peel off on the backside.