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6 SEO Tips to Improve Your Keyword Rankings

SEO copy writing belongs to a league of its own and helps a lot in determining if your content will rank high for your desired keywords or not. It is not just the quality of the content, many a times, it is the way it has been presented, that ends up creating a huge difference.
Usually, there are two aspects of content presentation. One is technical and the other one is aesthetic. The aesthetic aspect includes the images you will use, the font types, size, as in, the overall design structure of that post. On the other hand, the technical aspects includes those factors which are important from the SEO point of view. In this post we will make an effort to analyze these factors only.

Assuming you have done enough research on your keyword and you are all set to produce a page targeting a specific keyword , below are the 6 small tweaks, which can make that page rank better even in the midst of huge competition.

1. Keyword In Title Tag and Meta Description
To have your targeted keyword in your title is must. It is a cardinal sin not to include it. You might say, almost every does it, however, the difference lies in the way it is done. Is it being repeated in a way, spammers do it, i.e. keep on posting some gibberish content /link without paying heed if the reader would be able to make sense of it. Or is it being used tactfully, wherein, the reader doesn’t even notice its presence and still goes on to like and share your link.

2. Keyword In Url
include the keyword in your url structure. Ensure your cms gives you that option where in you can edit your url to include keyword into it. Again, the key is seamless integration.

3. Keyword In Description
It is always a better idea to have your keyword in the opening paragraph of your document preferably in the opening line. Use it intelligently, don’t overdo it.

4. Keyword In Anchor Text
It takes some smart thinking to interlink the content, within the post, with a related page, with the same keyword as anchor text. Again, seamless integration will make it look like a relevant addition whereas, careless integration will adversely impact the overall quality of the page.

5. Use your keyword in the image name
The images which you have uploaded play an important role to drive traffic onto your site. Use the keyword while you save the name of the image and use Alt text as well.

6. Use keywords in the tags when you promote it in Social Media
Once you have hit the published button and your post is live, now is the time to promote it in social media channels. Decide your channels, the one which work best for you and accordingly share your post. As and where possible (where there is the option to tag)  add your keywords over there.

These were the small yet important technical tips, from the SEO point of view, which will help you rank your content high in the search engine for your desired keyword. Having said that, these will only and only work, if the quality of your content is high. Remember, content is the king and this king is getting influential with each passing day.