3 organizing ideas for your workshop


I know how difficult it is to start organizing your workplace where you’ve stored years and years of unfinished projects and several other pieces that have no purpose in the real world except to occupy precious space.

If you’re a normal human being, you’ve probably managed to fill it with so many items that it looks messier day by day. The solution isn’t complicated but it takes time to understand that it’s not about adding a few shelves and boxes. It’s about measuring every single inch so that you can take full advantage because even the smallest workshop in the world can still provide tons of undiscovered benefits.

Be versatile and see things in every angle.

Now, this is a tough one because most individuals perceive the workshop as a room that can be filled with stuff in the horizontal. This principle is totally wrong because you can start by building higher, for instance. Many industrial spaces have pallet racks that you can get and adapt them to your own shelving system starting from the floor and up to the ceiling.

Don’t stop here! Once you’ve finished with the verticals, you have more dimension to fill up space with. Go deeper and place shelves behind another round of shelves. It might seem unbelievable but in fact, if you mount the front shelves on a few floor tracks you can make them slide, giving you plenty of access to the shelves from the back.

Even if your workplace is not that big, you can still put some shelves or drawers under every work surface that you’ve got. Especially when on sale, you can purchase many of these items for storage without spending a fortune. You can create a table if you combine two of them or even a rolling cart, using two-waist high cabinets.


Start by throwing something away.

People get very much attached to their belongings so it’s not an easy task trying to throw out their favorite things. Nevertheless, you need to understand that it’s a 3-step program that has done wonders for many individuals out there. You just organize, strip, toss, and repeat.

For example, pick some basic categories and each weekend or whenever you have some time to spare, go through one of them and put in order the pieces you need and get rid of that bunch of stuff that you will never ever use.

Use labels.

After getting rid of all the clutter and you’re shelves and drawers are finally in a perfect state, you can start labeling every single box. The good news is that there’s no need for you to do it the old-fashioned way, using a marker. Instead, you can get a pistol-shape gadget that embossed raised white letter on different colors of plastic tapes that can be peel off on the backside.


Why use a bench top drill press


If you’re passionate about DIY projects like me, you certainly heard all about top drill presses and their amazing uses around the house. What I love about them is that they are extremely powerful and precise at the same time, being able to drill even the hardest materials with an amazing accuracy.

There are plenty of uses for a bench top drill press, depending on the type of homemade project you have in mind. Here are some of the reasons why you should start using the best drill press or rush to the nearest store and buy one if you don’t have one already.


Clothes design

If you’re into fashion just like I am, you will certainly embrace the power of a good drill press in your atelier. Sure, there are plenty of other tools that are specifically used for making holes in soft fabrics but think about all the other benefits such a tool would give you. You can literally create a wide spread of unique designs and even add holes to rough leather and metal. Embroideries, embellishments, rock chains or leather goods – the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can create with the help of a simple drill press.

Interior design

Assuming you are new in the interior decoration design or you simply want to take advantage of the spare time you have and invest more in your house. Painting walls and buying cushions is the easy part of interior decorators, so go read somewhere else if you’re only interested in this. However, if you think about going deeper, making holes in wood, metal, or any other harsh or soft material, you will require the help of a good drill press.

I’m not extremely talented in the woodcraft field just yet, but I can vouch for some easy furniture pieces and unique decorations which were made with the help of this powerful tool. From hangers to bookshelves with unique patterns to embellished mirror frames, you can now watch online tutorials for pretty much everything and learn how to make your own interior decorations. All you will require is some top class materials and some spare time.

Jewelry design

If you plan on becoming a reputed jeweler, you will require time, passion, and some kick-butt materials and tools. I have a friend who is interested in homemade jewelry and she now learns the basics of this craft. It is truly amazing to see a talented person dedicating her time to create little pieces of metal wonders which one of us call earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

A drill press is really useful in her case because she can easily recreate the same necklace or pendant pattern without too much additional work included.